Goddamn You! Your kung fu is lacking...

Friday, 31 May 2013

Like A Bad Tael...

I just keep on turning up.  The Chivalrous Inn will return shortly! Following a year-long hiatus, new film reviews are incoming. After considerable turmoil, with some rowdy types busting in and chucking tables around, things have settled down rather nicely in the tavern. So it's business as usual, with a new review hopefully upped this weekend.

I've picked up the smashed rice bowls, removed the chopsticks from the wooden pillars, and cleaned the smashed eggs off the ceiling. Welcome to the refurbished Chivalrous Inn...


  1. *Bash fist on table*
    More wine and food. And be quick with it!!!!

  2. 'Like a Bad Tael'?

    'Like a bad turd' more like.